Why choose Dunross?

Experience the Friendliest Team on Your European Journey!

At Dunross., we're champions of travel as a way to expand horizons and step out of comfort zones. Our team is filled with knowledgeable and friendly individuals who have firsthand experience living and working abroad. We're here to share our personal stories and tips, assisting you in making your dream of working overseas a reality.

Guidance Every Step of the Way

The prospect of moving abroad for work might seem overwhelming, but at Dunross., we ensure a smooth and worry-free transition. From the beginning, a dedicated recruiter will guide you through every step. They will continue to support you after you've begun your new job, ensuring your experience is fulfilling. You're not just choosing a job in another country; you're embracing an entire cultural experience, and we're dedicated to making it enjoyable and enriching.

Diverse Destinations to Explore

Whether you dream of living in a bustling international city or prefer the quaint charm of a smaller town, we offer a range of destinations to suit your desires. Immerse yourself in the local culture, living, dining, and working as the locals do in your new community. Dunross provides opportunities in dynamic cities like Lisbon, Barcelona, Dublin, Porto, Sofia, and Athens. Embrace a new lifestyle and begin your global journey. The world is waiting for you!

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The assistance that I received from Katka was nothing short of flawless. She was always available and easy to communicate with. Her help really made a big difference and everything proceeded smoothly.


I am so happy to have met Gerald. From the first moment, he really did everything to make me feel comfortable during the application process. He was always available for me. Now we are starting a new life in Athens.


Mike is amazing. He helped me the whole way through with everything, every little question I had, and never had anyone reply to my emails as quickly as he did. I definitely recommend Dunross Recruitment.


Dunross and Mike exceeded my expectations for recruitment agencies. Their dedication and professionalism made the process seamless and enjoyable. I highly recommend them for anyone in need of recruitment services.


Working with Dunross was a truly fantastic experience. Thomas was always there to answer my questions and provide guidance every step of the way. I couldn't have asked for a better recruitment agency.


From the start, everything went very smoothly and fast. Every question I had was answered really fast. The contact with Lenka was very good, professional, and fast. Lenka, thank you for all the help with the transfer to my new job. It made it all a lot easier.